Sunday, May 18, 2014


Busy Saturday!  Mosey went on a scout field trip in the morning to the Vireo Preserve where they helped plant some seeds, clear trails, and do some conservation work.  Mosey did NOT want to go as of yesterday afternoon, but I put my foot down and told him he had to go.  He went, albeit reluctantly, and ended up having a fabulous time.  "It was AWESOME!" was his report when I asked him how it went.  See? Sometimes moms do know what they are talking about.
I did yardwork in the morning and then did errands for most of the rest of the day.  Ugh.  Took Joseph to Target with me to get groceries and prescriptions.  I am so glad Joseph still likes to go to Target with me.  He doesn't talk a whole lot, but we are together.  Later after putting groceries away, I took Mosey down to Austin Pets Alive for their kitten nursery "baby shower."  We brought a donation and got to tour the kitten nursery.  Just before we left, Ben said, "Whatever you do, do NOT bring home any more kittens!"  And it's a good thing he did because there were 3 roly poly little solid grey kittens that were like miniature teddy bears.  They were SO CUTE.  But 6 kittens is more, much more, than enough.
After dropping Mosey off at home I went to Jiffy Lube to get an oil change and my car inspected.  It failed inspection because I'm missing a clip on one of my windshield washer blades.  Really?!  Even though the wipers are 100% functional, I fail inspection because one of them is missing a clip.  So now i have to go to an auto supply store, track down this missing clip, install it, and then go BACK for a re-inspection.  I was peeved.  At least I sat by an interesting fellow while I was waiting.  Turns out he is the father of the guy who plays Simba in "The Lion King" on broadway (Andre Jackson).  No kidding!  He showed me pictures and talked for an hour (really) about his kids and the best way to raise kids.  He was a cool guy.
Meanwhile Ben and Brigham drove up to the cabin to go kayaking.  Joseph and Mosey stayed home.  I made banana break with a whole bunch of really black bananas and then pretended to try to clean the house for a while before deciding to do the infinitely more productive task of updating my blog.  :-)

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shell said...

I came across your blog by researching shingles for a friend who got them. You have a beautiful family and a lovely blog. I'm sorry about your MS. I have not read much n your blog so do not know what your diet is like but wanted to pass on some information to you in case you have not heard of what follows.
My husband had heart disease and was pre-diabetic. We both began eating the way Dr Mc Dougall says to eat since Dec 2010. In a matter of months he reversed his heart disease and got off his statin drugs and got his blood sugars under control. Dr Mc Dougall's way of eating is whole-foods-plant and starch based. A lot of potatoes, rice, beans, veggies and no fat. I am on Dr. McDougall's mailing list & last Nov I got a notice about an event in Portland Oregon focusing on diet and lifestyle treatments for Multiple Sclerosis. I believe this was an early notification that the study funded by Dr. McDougall at OHSU must have had positive results. It appears that event was an outgrowth of that study. I think it bodes well for the official outcomes of the study and they are moving to extend those benefits to the general public. I can't imagine they would begin this program if the results were not excellent. Some of the doctors mentioned are from Oregon Health and Sciences University, which worked with Dr. Mc Dougall on the study. Dr Mc Dougall says MS can be "arrested" [ not reversed ] with a whole foods, plant based diet.

Dr. Roy Swank, who died at age 99 was a distinguished neurologist whose research culminated in over 170 scientific papers.

Best to you,